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red telephone box yatton

Book Swap – Box Refresh

The Telephone Box is having a refresh. It has been 7 years since i converted it into a book swap and its time for a tidy up. A couple of the glass panels are in need of replacing with perspex and it could do with a repaint as its starting to look a bit faded. […]

red telephone box yatton

Yatton’s Book Swap

A new lease of life for the village red telephone box. A great deal has happened since I first thought about updating the telephone box into a book swap and all of it positive. Thanks to a warm dry summer, I have spent time sanding, priming and repainting it. This took longer than i had […]

red telephone box yatton

The Village Red Phonebox

I live on the High Street in Yatton, a small village, approximately 15 miles west of Bristol. Everyday I pass the old red telephone box outside the hair dressers. Its been de-commissioned and now stands unloved, the paint is peeling away and many panes of glass are smashed. I decided to do something about it […]


My photographs are in Cardiff artwork

Last month I was lucky enough to be involved In a photography workshop with Admiral. The new office building is being constructed ready for 2014 and a local artist has been commissioned to decorate the construction hoardings around the sides. These 8ft by 10ft boards run around the perimeter of the site and will contain […]