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Working with a UX Designer

Recently I was asked exactly what do i do for a living. I always find this question a bit difficult to answer. My gut response is to say “I’m a Web Designer” and leave it at that. But after 15 years of web design I believe I am selling myself a bit short and have much more to offer. In fact much of my work could be put under the umbrella of UX Designer. However, often when I provide this as an answer I get a glazed look followed with a comment like:”Oh, okay, great.”

I still have a job explaining my role role because there are many variations of the term. UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher. Whilst these are all different roles, I believe these variations are  all used under the term ‘UX Designer’. Particularly in a small organisation, where one person can do many and sometimes all of these roles.

How to work with a UX Designer:
The result is to explain it in a Prezi presentation which outlines my skill set and the best ways in which to work with me.. Use the arrows at the bottom of the video panel to skip through the slides. I hope you find it useful. 

This was created when i started my role at MuddyBoots Software.

If this does not work you can view the presentation on the Prezi website